Why My Biggest Year in Sales Wasn’t My Most Lucrative

My biggest year in sales was 1989. I was 9 years-old. My most lucrative year in sales didn’t come until 16 years later. I pounded the pavement week after week pedaling my wares, Girl Scout Cookies. Going into that cookie season I wasn’t particularly psyched. It was cold. Even at 9 I didn’t really care about the spiffs offered. What got me motivated? My Dad; he had a plan.


Is Your Business Story Mother Goose or Grimm?

Over coffee with a friend we chatted about life…. actually about the expectations we had of our lives and how they compared to reality. My friend made a comparison to Mother Goose stories. You enter phases of your life with a belief that you’ll follow a nursery rhyme storybook path. Thanks a lot Disney! Those expectations are only exacerbated by the “Facebook Effect” where everyone lives a life of carefully structured posts and perfectly posed photographs demonstrating the perfection of family, friends, and jobs.


As I sipped my coffee and nodded in agreement I thought to myself, are our lives more Mother Goose or Grimm?


Analytics Worth Measuring; My Dad Would Be Proud

As a kid I dreaded math homework. I’d often approach my Dad for help and his response was always “let me take a look at it for a few minutes”. I’d sigh, knowing that this wouldn’t be a short assignment. That’s what happens when your father studied economics in college simply because he thought it was “fun”.

Grenade Thrower

Are You A Leader, Or Just A Grenade Thrower?

Grenade throwers are those “big picture” people, who lack the glasses necessary to develop true vision. They’ll come into an organization, throw around some big ideas (the grenades), get everyone running, and then leave employees with nothing but shrapnel. The company is deconstructed and left to pick up the pieces.

The "Macho Man" Randy Savage

The Greatest Disruptor In Business, And My Unrealized Dream As A Professional Wrestler

I remember the first time I fell in love. I was 5-years old, going on 6. I heard this swell of music, the roar of a crowd, and watched as a man dressed in a sequined cape and Speedo sunglasses made his way to the ring. I watched as this man, The “Macho Man” Randy Savage wrestled the Honkytonk Man. He climbed to the top rope, raised both hand into the air, and jumped.

I was in love.


Are Your Marketing Metrics Causing You To Live In A World Of Pure Imagination?

This weekend I introduced my children to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. The original movie with Gene Wilder, quite possibly the funniest man ever. There’s a scene when Willy Wonka first emerges from the factory. I always found this scene to be rather bizarre (much like the entire movie I guess), but as I was reading this weekend I learned something very interesting about this part of the movie.

Danger Construction area 2

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, and the Project

I heard a very loud “CRASH” from upstairs. Moments later my Daughter walked down the steps, my teary-eyed Son following slowly behind. “Ummm, something happened” she informed me. It was at that second that my Son broke down into hysterics. He wouldn’t tell me what happened, he kept crying “I’m in big trouble” over and over again