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Going to Candyland

Explaining a board game to a 3 year old can prove to be a challenge.  My daughter received Candyland as a birthday present.  Immediately she wanted to open the game and play.  As my husband and I walked her through the instructions of the game she became frustrated. “I just want to go to Candyland” […]

8 Ways to Encourage Entrepreneurism in Employees and Children

1.       Evaluate their interests and assign projects that foster their creativity in that area. 2.       Provide them with the time and freedom needed to pursue their ventures. 3.       Start small.  Help them set realistic achievable goals. 4.       Teach them to plan.  Writing a strong supportive business plan is essential. 5.       Assist them in understanding their […]

The Versatile Pillowcase

Picture 832

Have you ever watched a child’s imagination at work? They can take something as simple as a box and in a matter of seconds it becomes a race car, dragon, or airplane.