After the Leaves Fall

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I dread the first leaf drop of winter.  This is the time of year when it’s dark on the drive into work and dark on the way home.  I sink into a basement treadmill running depression until the first signs of spring.  My kids are cranky, my co-workers are cranky, and therefore I am cranky.  […]

Learning To Fly

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All I could feel was panic as I watched my 2-year-old son raise his hands above his head, shout “READY!”, and leap from the top step of our stairwell.  He didn’t make it.  In his first, but certainly not last, attempt to fly I watched my child tumble down a flight of stairs.  Miraculously he […]

What’s Wrong With the “F” Word?

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In a recent series of job interviews a candidate boasted of never scoring below an “A”.  “Then how do you handle failure?” I asked.  The candidate looked confused. Over the years we’ve been programmed to believe that “Failure’s not an option”.  Teacher’s have been dissuaded from using red pen on papers for fear of discouraging […]