Conjunctivitis In the Workplace

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Pink eye infected our house this week.  It started with my daughter and then rapidly spread to the rest of the family.  Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, causes red, swollen, watery eyes.  Anyone who’s had this is familiar with the symptoms.  You’re also probably aware of how incredibly contagious it is.  It’s amazing how quickly and […]

Can You Dig It?

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This evening I watched as my son buried himself in the snow.  It started as an accident.  As he stepped into a deep pile he quickly found himself stuck.  My dutiful daughter rushed to his aid and pulled him out.  Very soon my son discovered that this could turn into a fun game.  He would […]

I’ve Been Framed!

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I spent last Saturday teaching my daughter how to put a puzzle together.  At first she struggled with finding the correct match.  As a puzzle junkie I stepped in.  “You can’t begin a puzzle without first forming the fame” I explained.  We sorted through the pieces and identified the ones with edges.  We found the […]

I Failed, Again

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I sent my son to school, unknowingly, with step throat.  I thought he was teething.  A coworker stopped by my desk inquiring into why I blew off a status meeting.  My dependency on the Outlook calendar alert let me down.  I forgot to complete the teddy bear project for my daughter.  It was actually thrown […]