How to Stimulate a Team Sugar High

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Any holiday celebrated with candy is presumably a holiday for children.  Valentine’s Day is no exception.  After writing and assembling 52 cards for a class party I’m even more convinced.  Our house is now filled with chocolate cupids and candy hearts.  The most entertaining activity is watching my kids run off a sugar high.  I am amazed at the energy and excitement they display.

This week I experienced my own sugar high in the form of a sales campaign kick off.  Our sales teams function in a Sales Operating Environment and work a series of campaign cycles throughout the year.  On Monday we kicked off the latest of these campaigns.  I walked out the door Tuesday buzzing with excitement.  Every participant left wanting to do whatever they could to make this campaign succeed.  How did it happen?

1.  In order to generate a team sugar high you must start with strong management.  From the campaign director, to the product manager, to the sales manager, every leader exemplified energy, knowledge, and an extraordinary willingness to help.  It was contagious.  Their attitudes resulted in buy-in and participation from the rest of the group.

2.  Everyone in the kick off understood their role, responsibilities, and the importance they played in the success of the campaign.  Knowing you bring value to an organization is an excellent motivator.

3.  The objectives, and plan for meeting those objectives, were clearly defined.  There was no question as to what our goals were.  Milestones, activities, meetings, reports, and resources were documented and communicated to all.

4.  We had fun.  Role playing was relaxed, feedback was constructive, and we all made sure to laugh.  You work hard at the things you enjoy.

5.  It was acknowledged that the sugar high had to extend beyond the kick off.  This particular sales campaign is 10 weeks long.  In order to pump the team full of sugar it was agreed that we would meet every Monday in a war room.  I prefer to think of it as the Sugar Shack.

My hope is that in 10 weeks I can regale you with stories of success; maybe pour some sugar on you.

How do you achieve a sugar high at work?


Marilyn Cox

Marilyn Cox is the Director of Marketing for Second City Works - the B2B division of the famed Second City.

You know the buzzwords; inbound, outbound, content, demand gen, lead gen, martech, social media, account-based, advocacy, customer success, sales enablement, and analytics.She studies it, plans it, executes it, experiments with it, and loves it.

Through discovery, creation, and innovation she's learned to say "Yes, And".Like business, her career is one big improvisational act.

She leads all aspects of the brand and culture, developing and executing a clearly defined, integrated marketing communications strategy.Marilyn is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, training, and managing all marketing functions to achieve objectives of growth, awareness, customer success and making work better.

Marilyn exists to empower sales and support the customer. When not geeking out over marketing analytics, she can be found daydreaming about her unrealized dream as a professional wrestler with the WWE.

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