From The Classroom To The Boardroom: 8 Simple Rules

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Conflict is inevitable.  When you have different personalities working together, varying ideas competing, and increasing time spent in conference rooms turmoil is bound to occur.  I’ve been a part of arguments at work that are eerily similar to arguments I’ve witnessed on the playground.  After a recent work place conflict I was compelled to ask […]

Kids Eat Free

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Tuesday was “Kids Eat Free” night at a local restaurant.  2 days into the work week and already exhausted, my husband and I decided to take the kids out as a treat for them and a break for us.  My son spent the majority of dinner standing up in the booth and bumping his head.  […]

If The Shoe Fits

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My daughter was enamored with a pair of purple Sketchers that light up.  I found them rather loud but she loved them.  We first discovered these works of art on a recent trip to the mall.  Like most 3 year-old children she’s growing like a weed and that demands new shoes every few months.  She […]