Do I Have To Eat That?

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At least once a day I have an argument with at least one of my children regarding food.  We sit down to eat and immediately the complaints begin.  “I don’t like that kind of chicken”, “these noodles have yucky things on them”, “I can see green stuff in my soup”.  Even if the kids select […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

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Who can forget the famous scene in “A Christmas Story” where, after repeated threats of “You’ll shoot your eye out”, Ralphie aims his Red Ryder BB Gun at a metal target and nearly loses an eye when the BB ricochets and hits his glasses?  Parents everywhere relate to that scene.  How many times do we […]

Don’t End Up With Easter Egg On Your Face

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Like most families, on Easter Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt.  My Father-in-Law spent time placing the plastic colored eggs in locations that were hidden, but also not too hard to find.  Excitedly the kids ran into the yard with their Easter baskets and then stopped in their tracks.  Their blank expressions were a […]