Hey Intern, Clean My Desk!

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My 2 year-old is always willing to help.  He loves to take out the trash, clean the bathrooms, grind coffee beans, and water the flowers.  The problem?  It takes 3 times as long to complete tasks when he wants to help.  Trust me, I want to encourage that behavior but I also want to finish […]

Scrub A Dub Dub

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Bath time at our house can be an awfully exhausting exercise.  Undressing, washing hair, fighting over toys, scolding over the consumption of bathwater; it’s always something.  But as difficult as it is I understand it’s a necessity.  I don’t want dirty smelly children spreading their filth throughout the house and ultimately creating more work for […]


Kiss My Ask

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When I was in school my parents would always tell me “If you’re struggling with a class let us know.  We won’t be mad.  We want to help.  But, if we find out you’re failing when we get your report card then we will be mad”. I plan to take the same approach with my […]

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