What Spider-Man Taught Me About Business

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On our third date my husband (boyfriend at the time) introduced me to his comic book room.  He said he wanted to “get the awkwardness out of the way”.  As I looked around the room filled with boxes of old comics, shelves of action figures, and the Spider-Man quilt draped across the guest bed I […]

Time And Punishment

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I spent an entire afternoon scolding one of my children through “terrible twos tantrums”.  “Get off that! Don’t climb up there! Put that down! Eat your food! Go to bed!” and on and on and on.  I tried my best to stay ahead of the bad behavior.  I worked on preventing the tantrum from occurring […]


Bite Me

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Last week I received an email from my son’s daycare.  He was having behavior problems and was hitting his teachers, and sometimes, even biting them.  The daycare assured me that this is normal behavior for a 2-year old and not to be concerned. Not be concerned? My child is morphing into an aggressive vampire and […]