Let’s Make A Deal: Incentive or Bribe?

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“Do you want pancakes?┬áThen you know what you have to do if you want pancakes.” I chuckled as I listened to the parents next to me coax their child through swim lessons with the promise of pancakes. I can’t blame the kid, food always works for me. I also can’t fault the parents. I’ve used […]

The Reward Is the Experience, Not the Trophy

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This week the company I work for was announced as a finalist for an Eloqua Markie award celebrating sales and marketing alignment. My goal last year was to be nominated. When they announced the winner I quickly understood what “It’s an honor to be nominated” really means. It was incredibly disappointing. When I returned home […]

12 Way Cool Things I Relearned About Work!

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Most employees experience pangs of frustration about work. I joke when I say I love my job 85% of the time. I love it more often than that, but I do burn out. You can very quickly begin to focus on the negative. Equipment is not always the latest and greatest. Your building and the […]

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