Content I Enjoyed Today. Tactics I’ll Implement Tomorrow.

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Today I heard a gentleman say, “If you want happy confident children, ask them these 2 questions every night. What did you enjoy today? What are you looking forward to tomorrow?”. Very good advice. Reflection upon the positive and preparation for the future is imperative. Anytime I attend an event I ask myself those very questions.

This week I had the pleasure of attending, and honor of speaking at, the Content Marketing Strategies Conference. Below is not just what I enjoyed today (and the last 3 days), but what I look forward to implementing tomorrow.

1. Avoid “funnel” vision. Advocacy is not a narrow transaction. It’s ongoing and sustainable.

2. People are the new API. Develop true participants. Social sifts through noise and traps truth.

3. People have access to everything. Provide quality and a personal experience. Those are the new differentiators.

4. Identify the programs/campaigns that match your customers’ behavior. Use analytics.

5. Engage through subscription. Let people select what they’ll receive. Customize content to their preferences.

6. True to any opt-in campaign, let them know what they’re going to receive. Drive organic list development.

7. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. People pick up, do something, and want to act.

8. Enable your advocates to answer your customers’ questions.

9. Empower your advocates to tell their story. Hone in on emotion.

10. Implement a platform to enable advocates to provide feedback and organic content.

11. Turn your advocates into content creators.

12. Evolve your loyalty program. Provide special content that’s interactive and engaging.

13. If you’re marketing to Millennials you need to make it an experience. Make your content something they’ll share/post.

14. Include a strategy on how to respond and be “on”. Immediacy is essential.

15. Create a web book for sales detailing your company story, message, and relevant content.

16. Become a word nerd. Make sure you’re consistent in communications and terminology across the organization.

17. Ask your sales teams “what would you like to see more of?”.

18. When kicking off a new initiative and want attendance, have free food. It goes a long way :).

19. Develop credibility if you want to affect change. Be collaborative.

20. Measure beyond engagement. Understand who, when, where, why, and what. Also $$$.

21. Commit to, and continuously feed, your content machine. The real content investment is effort not money.

22. Check out @GetCurata for competitive intel. Right now a very manual process for most companies.

23. Make content searchable, snackable, and shareable. Find it, consume it, and share it.

24. Reduce your paid media budget. Develop strong owned media that will result in earned media.

25. Train sales on how to tell a story on social.

26. Run contests and work your network for guest blog co-creation content. Offer a different voice and expertise.

27. Humanize your brand & content. Be transparent. Make people feel like they’re apart of something special.

28. Tap into emotion. Make ’em laugh, cry, or rage. Emotion stirs action.

29. Bring unique perspective to common conversations. Get ’em to talk about it differently.

30. Use analytics to understand the buyers journey, channels used, and preferred devices.

31. Use personas to prioritize on what communication channels you should focus your communication efforts.

32. Be mindful. Early stage content marketing is critical in driving post sale customer advocacy.

33. Develop your brand foundation & define your story before you develop content. Brand drives content.

34. Communicate brand strategy and purpose throughout the entire organization. We’re all Brand Ambassadors.

35. Don’t forget to communicate your brand visually, verbally, and experientially. Experience is so key!

36. Communicate your message clearly & consistently. Brand return will be greater and budget less of a concern

37. Repurpose content to be more visual. Create slideshares and infographics of content.

38. Think about things from the perspective of the user. If it’s boring to you it’s probably boring to them

39. Apply for the Twitter Card program. Create image rich and content relevant tweets. Anyone already using this?

40. Use LinkedIn Groups to engage in conversations and crowdsource content. Ask about critical business issues.

41. Use LinkedIn Signal to enter keywords and find related conversations to engage with.

42. Check out LinkedIn ads (for free) to define an estimated target audience for your space.

43. Examine Google+ ripples to identify influencers. It’s hidden but useful.

44. Use “Google+ Shout Out” to notify an influencer and re-engage in the conversation.

45. Engage with influencers. Understand what they’re talking about.

46. Set up spheres of influence on Google+.

47. Visit “Google Discussions” to understand what people are talking about. Identify content & influencers.

48. Use “Google Keyword Suggests” & “Google Searches”. What long tail content is Google suggesting? Write about it.

49. Ask customer facing employees, “What questions do you get asked all the time?”. Excellent content fodder.

50. Make sure your content addresses human behavior. Focus on information and inspiration.

51. Blog frequently! Companies that blog 15 times or more per month get 5X more traffic.

52. Don’t interrupt your customer with your brand message. Strong content is not “about you”.

53. You must be invited into a customer’s river of news. Use content to gain that invite.

As you can see, this was a great meeting of minds. I’d encourage others to consider attending the Content Marketing Strategies Conference next year. Plus, you can’t beat the view!

View from the Content Marketing Strategies Conference

View from the Content Marketing Strategies Conference

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  1. Love these ideas Marilyn! All practical and easy to implement and with some consistent focus they support a strong content marketing strategy. Good stuff!

    Brian Hansford
    Heinz Marketing

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