Do Your Employees Have Keys To The Content Marketing Toy Chest?

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It’s been a particularly rainy last few weeks. While great for the flowers and trees, it’s created a serious case of cabin fever in my house. The kids are going crazy. Fearing the children would become couch potatoes, the TV was banned. Cries of “there’s nothing to do!” and “we’re so bored!” could be heard throughout the house. I suggested they play with one of a zillion toys scattered throughout their rooms and play areas. They have so many toys I’m certain they’ve lost track of all that they have. It was time to get organized and to reintroduce the many spoils these munchkins have.

This soggy week has also been the beginning of a new adventure for me. I started at a new company I’ve long admired. Like any onboarding experience, Week #1 has had its hiccups. Many have asked if I’m bored or feeling restless. Absolutely not! This has been a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with a toy chest of marketing content. I’ve spent a great deal of time reading through case studies, data sheets, web pages, social media postings, charts, and white papers. I’ve also discovered some new gems as well. Researching analyst reports, win/loss analysis reports, CRM data, as well as reading through customer communications and speaking with sales reps has been extremely educating. images

I think many companies are facing the content marketing challenge. I’ve written plenty about defining and mapping your content. However, one of the obstacles I’ve faced over the years is introducing this content to new employees. What most organizations will find, after mapping their content, is that they have more content than expected. How can you deliver content to employees in a way that’s not overwhelming? And how do you not just deliver content in chunks, but also at the right time? Content marketing internally needs to be managed in much the same way that it’s managed externally. You need to define your audience, identify the stages of the learning process, and map the content respectively.

The onboarding process I’m paticipating in does just this. Introduction of relevant content is broken out over a series of weeks. And content consumption exists beyond reading. There are tasks that require I engage with the content. I need to call, meet with, watch, listen, ask, publish, tweet, like, follow, and join. Through this engagement I also enroll in continued content education. It’s smart and helpful. It’s fantastic.
I think developing internal content education is something every company should consider. Define, segment, and map your content. Don’t just send it to employees. Identifying the learning phases of the onboarding process and engage with your audience. Provide continued education. These exercises will result in a company of thought leaders. Empower and educate your organization.

How does your company educate internal employees on valuable content?


Marilyn Cox

Marilyn Cox is the Director of Marketing for Second City Works - the B2B division of the famed Second City.

You know the buzzwords; inbound, outbound, content, demand gen, lead gen, martech, social media, account-based, advocacy, customer success, sales enablement, and analytics.She studies it, plans it, executes it, experiments with it, and loves it.

Through discovery, creation, and innovation she's learned to say "Yes, And".Like business, her career is one big improvisational act.

She leads all aspects of the brand and culture, developing and executing a clearly defined, integrated marketing communications strategy.Marilyn is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, training, and managing all marketing functions to achieve objectives of growth, awareness, customer success and making work better.

Marilyn exists to empower sales and support the customer. When not geeking out over marketing analytics, she can be found daydreaming about her unrealized dream as a professional wrestler with the WWE.

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