Song Inspired Marketing Content

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As kids much of what we learned was set to music. Anything from our ABCs, days of the week, and religious teachings were set to familiar tunes. The rhythms, beats, and words were catchy and made retention a cinch. Even now I look for patterns and lessons in the music I listen to. Awhile back […]


The Knowledge Power Play: Do You Hoard It Or Whore It?

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This weekend I took my 6-year old daughter Christmas shopping. We walked around a few stores and she selected gifts for family members. It’s important she understands that holidays are about giving, not just getting. As we browsed the aisles she carefully selected items based on what she thought everyone would enjoy. Sorry Mom, it […]


Do You Work For A Chief Executive Or A Chief Catalyzer?

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My kids have taken to playing “office”. They’ll sit at their desks, laptops in hand, and begin crunching through one grueling project after the next. Lately they’ve been consumed with doing their taxes. Today they decided to form their own company. All was right with the world until it was time to select the President […]

Tickle the Feet of Your Disengaged Prospects

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Fact: I don’t like to sleep with my feet under the covers. I’ll pile on the blankets, but my feet always stick out at the end of the bed. Fact: I have 2 small children that wake up early on the weekend to watch cartoons. Fact: They’ve developed a certain finesse in how they wake […]

Just A Little Too Little? Not For Content Marketing!

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This week I had the privilege of participating in a webinar with BtoB Magazine and Eloqua on “Modern Marketing”. As part of a 4 person panel I shared how marketing analytics can contribute to effective marketing content development. One webinar attendee posed a question I hear often. How can small organizations with few resources keep […]

Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why? Why Not?!

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This week I got to live out my rock star fantasy. It didn’t involve musicians, movie stars or heads of state. I had total access to some of the top marketing minds around. They are innovators and thought leaders. They are funny, brilliant, forward thinking people and I got to hang with them! They came […]