A Letter To My Future Boss

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I’ve noticed a social trend where people have taken to writing letters. A retro behavior occurring on a modern channel. A letter to my future husband, a letter to my future wife, a letter to my future daughter, a letter to my future self. If you’ve read any of these you know that these letters […]

Danger Construction area 2

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, and the Project

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I heard a very loud “CRASH” from upstairs. Moments later my Daughter walked down the steps, my teary-eyed Son following slowly behind. “Ummm, something happened” she informed me. It was at that second that my Son broke down into hysterics. He wouldn’t tell me what happened, he kept crying “I’m in big trouble” over and over again


Do We Allow For Practice In Our Professional Lives?

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One of my favorite parts of the day is homework time with my kids. I know that sounds preposterous, but it’s true. It could be that the homework is still digestible, and I still understand it. It’s a good opportunity to spend individual time with each child. It’s also great to watch their progress. One […]


Do You Work For A Chief Executive Or A Chief Catalyzer?

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My kids have taken to playing “office”. They’ll sit at their desks, laptops in hand, and begin crunching through one grueling project after the next. Lately they’ve been consumed with doing their taxes. Today they decided to form their own company. All was right with the world until it was time to select the President […]

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