Bite Me

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Last week I received an email from my son’s daycare.  He was having behavior problems and was hitting his teachers, and sometimes, even biting them.  The daycare assured me that this is normal behavior for a 2-year old and not to be concerned. Not be concerned? My child is morphing into an aggressive vampire and […]


Kiss My Ask

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When I was in school my parents would always tell me “If you’re struggling with a class let us know.  We won’t be mad.  We want to help.  But, if we find out you’re failing when we get your report card then we will be mad”. I plan to take the same approach with my […]

Move With A Purpose

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Forgive me, but I’m using this week’s post to tell you about an upcoming event and the wonderful cause it will support. I love to run. I love to push myself as far as I can. Having completed many marathons and a half Ironman I often take for granted the strength of my body. Every […]