Are You A Leader, Or Just A Grenade Thrower?

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Grenade throwers are those “big picture” people, who lack the glasses necessary to develop true vision. They’ll come into an organization, throw around some big ideas (the grenades), get everyone running, and then leave employees with nothing but shrapnel. The company is deconstructed and left to pick up the pieces.


10 Things to Remember When Starting a New Job

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I showed up a day early for my interview. It’s true. 6 years ago I arrived at Cincom Systems’ front desk only to learn I had entered the interview on the wrong day in my calendar. I thought there was no way this company would hire me to be a project manager. Against the advisement […]

A Letter To My Future Boss

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I’ve noticed a social trend where people have taken to writing letters. A retro behavior occurring on a modern channel. A letter to my future husband, a letter to my future wife, a letter to my future daughter, a letter to my future self. If you’ve read any of these you know that these letters […]

Mommy, Where Does Revenue Come From?

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This weekend I had the first, of what I assume will be many, “talks” with my Daughter. I used the exact same book my Mom read to me. It’s perfect for explaining to a 7-year the science behind reproduction. And with the exception of how a family is defined, the book is still fairly accurate. […]


A Leadership Lesson Learned From A Mammogram

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Last week I experienced one of the most alarming days of my life. I received a call from my Mom asking if I’d mind attending a follow-up appointment with her doctor. She had a mammogram the week before and they wanted to retake some pictures. This was a cause of concern because my Mom is […]


Do You Work For A Chief Executive Or A Chief Catalyzer?

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My kids have taken to playing “office”. They’ll sit at their desks, laptops in hand, and begin crunching through one grueling project after the next. Lately they’ve been consumed with doing their taxes. Today they decided to form their own company. All was right with the world until it was time to select the President […]