Let’s Make A Deal: Incentive or Bribe?

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“Do you want pancakes? Then you know what you have to do if you want pancakes.” I chuckled as I listened to the parents next to me coax their child through swim lessons with the promise of pancakes. I can’t blame the kid, food always works for me. I also can’t fault the parents. I’ve used […]

Not A Team Player, Or Not My Job?

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For her 5th Birthday my Daughter received a Nintendo DS. This was “the gift” and she couldn’t wait to bring it to her summer camp for the “home toy” part of the day. Several of the older kids had them and now she could play with them. When I picked her up from camp that […]

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

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My son is recovering from a tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy. He’s doing surprisingly well, better than his Mommy. Even though he’s recuperating he’s still trying to power through a great deal of discomfort and pain. The doctor prescribed Tylenol with Codeine which he despises. He cannot tolerate the taste. I’ve tried hiding the medicine by mixing […]

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kid

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Have you ever heard a child list off all of the things they want to be when they grow up? As a kid I wanted to be an actress and a flight attendant … at the same time. My brother wanted to be a farmer, a fireman, and a dad. He accomplished one of those […]

Patient or Pushover? Where’s the Line?

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I’ve learned this year that the Terrible Twos have nothing on the Terrible Threes. Nothing. I’ve read and read, and even sought counseling from our pediatrician on how best to handle these trying times. It’s puzzling. My child is very well behaved at school, so they tell me. Both sets of Grandparents rave about the […]


It’s Not Personal, Just Business; But Can It Be Both?

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One of the most commonly used phrases is “It’s just business, not personal”. You hear people say “Outside of the office I really like her, but not in a business environment”. When counseling, or even terminating, an employee a manager will say “This isn’t a personal decision. We’re doing what’s best for the company”. I’m starting to think it’s all a load of BS.


United We Stand Divided We Fall

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The other day I heard one of my kids ask my husband for something. From upstairs I heard him politely decline the request. Not a minute later that same child marched upstairs and informed me that “Dad said we could”. Little stinker. This time I heard the actual conversation, but how frequently have our kids […]

The Office Civil War: 5 War Neutralizing Suggestions

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“Four score and seven years ago, our Fathers brought forth upon this country a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” … unless you’re 3-years old. And much like those soldiers Lincoln spoke about, my house is engaged in a great civil war pitting families against […]


The State Of Our Union

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I was assigned the painstaking task of taking both of my kids to their annual wellness appointment. Finding time away from work can be difficult so I decided to take both children to the same appointment. Because they are now 3 years old and 4 years old I assumed they would be much easier to […]


Bite Me

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Last week I received an email from my son’s daycare.  He was having behavior problems and was hitting his teachers, and sometimes, even biting them.  The daycare assured me that this is normal behavior for a 2-year old and not to be concerned. Not be concerned? My child is morphing into an aggressive vampire and […]

Scrub A Dub Dub

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Bath time at our house can be an awfully exhausting exercise.  Undressing, washing hair, fighting over toys, scolding over the consumption of bathwater; it’s always something.  But as difficult as it is I understand it’s a necessity.  I don’t want dirty smelly children spreading their filth throughout the house and ultimately creating more work for […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

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Who can forget the famous scene in “A Christmas Story” where, after repeated threats of “You’ll shoot your eye out”, Ralphie aims his Red Ryder BB Gun at a metal target and nearly loses an eye when the BB ricochets and hits his glasses?  Parents everywhere relate to that scene.  How many times do we […]

If The Shoe Fits

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My daughter was enamored with a pair of purple Sketchers that light up.  I found them rather loud but she loved them.  We first discovered these works of art on a recent trip to the mall.  Like most 3 year-old children she’s growing like a weed and that demands new shoes every few months.  She […]

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

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Over cocktails this week a friend lamented about a recent experience with his boss.  The manager of his department had asked for feedback on team morale.  After providing an honest response in an email he never heard anything back.  “He does this all the time.  He pretends he cares what we think but then never […]