A Letter To My Future Boss

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I’ve noticed a social trend where people have taken to writing letters. A retro behavior occurring on a modern channel. A letter to my future husband, a letter to my future wife, a letter to my future daughter, a letter to my future self. If you’ve read any of these you know that these letters […]

12 Way Cool Things I Relearned About Work!

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Most employees experience pangs of frustration about work. I joke when I say I love my job 85% of the time. I love it more often than that, but I do burn out. You can very quickly begin to focus on the negative. Equipment is not always the latest and greatest. Your building and the […]

Patient or Pushover? Where’s the Line?

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I’ve learned this year that the Terrible Twos have nothing on the Terrible Threes. Nothing. I’ve read and read, and even sought counseling from our pediatrician on how best to handle these trying times. It’s puzzling. My child is very well behaved at school, so they tell me. Both sets of Grandparents rave about the […]



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The kids were so eager to finish dinner. As I cleared the plates away they ran upstairs, grabbed towels from the linen closet, and carefully laid them out in the living room. I found myself seated in half lotus while my 3 year old walked me through some deep breathing exercises. Once he was finished […]