The State Of Our Union

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I was assigned the painstaking task of taking both of my kids to their annual wellness appointment. Finding time away from work can be difficult so I decided to take both children to the same appointment. Because they are now 3 years old and 4 years old I assumed they would be much easier to […]


Criss Cross Applesauce Hands Off Your Laptop

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At the end of a busy day the kids like to relax with a story before bed.  We all gather around our fireplace and the kids sit, listening intently, as my Husband reads tales of Huck Finn, James and his giant peach, and that Indian who was living in the cupboard.  False!  Story time typically […]

Clean Your Plate

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Every parent has uttered to their kids, at one time or another, “Eat your food.  There are some children who don’t have anything to eat.” or “You should be grateful for all you have, some people don’t have a place to live or toys to play with”.  We try to instill in our children an […]

What Spider-Man Taught Me About Business

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On our third date my husband (boyfriend at the time) introduced me to his comic book room.  He said he wanted to “get the awkwardness out of the way”.  As I looked around the room filled with boxes of old comics, shelves of action figures, and the Spider-Man quilt draped across the guest bed I […]

Time And Punishment

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I spent an entire afternoon scolding one of my children through “terrible twos tantrums”.  “Get off that! Don’t climb up there! Put that down! Eat your food! Go to bed!” and on and on and on.  I tried my best to stay ahead of the bad behavior.  I worked on preventing the tantrum from occurring […]